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Moving Guide

4-6 Weeks before

  • Call to arrange move with Wonthaggi Removals & Storage
  • Advise periodicals and other subscriptions of change of address
  • Have a “spring clean” and throw out things you don’t need . BE STRONG
  • Start using up frozen foods.
  • Notify the appropriate government departments to ensure continuation of child endowment or pension etc.
  • Contact the registrar of the children,s new school.
  • Notify hire purchase company when making your next payment.

3 Weeks before

  • Start packing .Remember to label box contents clearly.
  • Buy boxes from Wonthaggi Removals & Storage.
  • Plan how your furniture will fit into your new home.
  • Sell or donate unwanted furniture.

2 Weeks before

  • Notify the water authority, allowing 10 working days for a final meter reading.
  • Notify Telstra for final reading, apply to have new phone connected at new address , again allow 10 working days.
  • Notify banks, credit card agencies, health funds of change of address.

10 Days before

  • Your packing should be close to finished.
  • Check if you need more packing materials.
  • Notify power & gas utilities for final readings.
  • Finalise any outstanding accounts.

7 Days before

  • Return library books.
  • Cancel paper deliveries.
  • Notify Post office. For a fee they will redirect mail for 12 months.

3 Days before

  • Flammable liquids and dangerous goods cannot be transported or stored, so you’ll need to dispose of cleaning fluids, lawn mower fuel and so on.
  • Make arrangements for someone to look after young children and pets for the moving day.
  • Gas cylinders cannot be stored or transported, make arrangements for them to be transported in an open vehicle or return them to your “swap n go” depot.

1 Day before

  • Empty fridge & freezer, wipe dry.
  • Place pot plants in plastic lined cartons
  • Pack all things you use often, mark “LOAD LAST” so it’s the first unloaded.
  • Keep tea, coffee & snacks handy for moving day. Both you and the moving team will appreciate it on moving day.

Today’s the day

  • Firstly RELAX!
  • Stay around until everything is loaded.
  • Check all rooms and cupboards.
  • Check all taps & switches are turned off.
  • Lock all doors and windows.

Within 7 days

  • Advise taxation office of your new address within 7 days.
  • Notify Vic Roads and alter vehicle registration & drivers licence.
  • Notify Electoral office in your new area.