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Q: Can I move all my belongings in one day?

In most cases you can. It all depends on how much you have & how far you go. Our friendly staff will be able to advise you after they have a list of things you have to be relocated.

Q: Can I store my garden tools ?

Yes you can. Clean garden tools and bundle the together. Drain fuel from lawn mowers.

Q: Can I use boxes from my local supermarket?

Yes you can but these are difficult to stack well for transit , slow the moving process down and the risk of damage is greater.

Q: How do I prepare my furniture for storage ?

Make sure your furniture is clean. Defrost & dry your fridge. Pack smaller items into strong good quality boxes. Packaging boxes are available from Wonthaggi Removals & Storage.

Q: How heavy can I make my boxes?

15-20 kg. Any heavier would be unreasonable. Boxes that are to heavy to lift or are oversize will dramatically slow the moving process due to the awkwardness and weight.

Q: How much does it cost?

Wonthaggi Removals & Storage charge by the hour. We are happy to give you an estimate once we have all the details of your move. Click here to get an estimate.

Q:Is there anything I shouldn’t store?

Please do not store perishable items like plants or food. No flammable or dangerous goods or anything that is illegal or stolen.