Meeniyan Removalists

Are you looking for a reliable furniture removalist in Meeniyan?

You don’t have to look too far to find experienced and reliable furniture removalists. Wonthaggi Removals & Storage is a locally owned company and has been helping the residents of Meeniyan move for over three decades.

Why choose use for your next Meeniyan move? Here are a few reasons:

  • Regional Knowledge
  • Protection and Safety
  • Within Your Budget
  • Cost Effective
  • High standard workmanship
  • Packing Guides
  • Dismantling Service
  • Storage Solutions
  • In Your Community

Regional Knowledge
Whether you’re moving around the corner, to the next town or interstate, our removalists will transport your furniture quickly and safely. As your local Meeniyan removalists, we know the quickest routes around South Gippsland to transport your belongings.

The service Wonthaggi Removals & Storage gave from reception with Sarah to final collection and delivery with you was always courteous and prompt. Even when the settlement date kept changing for conveyancing and financial reasons Sarah did her best to accommodate the changes. Congratulations on a job well done - not one item was damaged in the move, nor was there anything to show on walls that you'd been around.

Maureen Sivyer

Protection and Safety
We minimise the risk of your belongings getting damaged during transit by gently wrapping everything for you and loading them with soft felt padding. We call this our "Handle once" method, ensuring that your belongings are not handled again until it's time to put them where you want.

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Modern Machinery
We use only modern vehicles and equipment for your relocation. Your furniture even rides on airbag suspension to ensure that it doesn’t move in transit.

Within Your Budget
Our solutions can be altered according your budget and time constraints. We tailor our quotes to ensure you get the most competitive quote for your relocation.

We Can Help You Pack
It is important for your belongings to be packed according to the size, shape and breakability. We can provide you with quality packing boxes of all shapes and sizes at a reasonable price. So whether it’s electronics or books, we can help you find the right box to pack it away.

We Can Deconstruct Large Items For You
We can help you pack for those large and unusual shaped items, like the kids’ trampoline. We can also help you dismantle it and move it securely if that is what you need.

Storage Solutions
If you need to store some or all of your belongings for a while, we have cost-effective containerised storage solutions that come in all sizes to suit your needs. Our storage systems include containers ranging from 15 to 37 cubic metres.

Safe Storage
We store all your precious items inside our large Wonthaggi warehouse that is both alarmed and patrolled regularly.

In Your Community
More than just a business, we are also actively involved in your local community, supporting schools, charities and sporting events. You can even find some of our team enjoying on of Moo's special breakfasts' on a Sunday morning with their families.

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Removals FAQs

Q: Can I move all my belongings in one day?

In most cases you can. It all depends on how much you have & how far you go. Our friendly staff will be able to advise you after they have a list of things you have to be relocated.

Q: How much does it cost?

Wonthaggi Removals & Storage charge by the hour. We are happy to give you an estimate once we have all the details of your move.