Leongatha Removalists

Are you looking for a reliable furniture removalist in Leongatha?

There’s no need to look further afield to find dependable furniture removalists. Wonthaggi Removals & Storage is locally owned and has been helping Leongatha move for over three decades.

Our professional team will make sure your furniture is shifted without stress and in the same condition you left them.

Why choose us for your next Leongatha move? Here are a few reasons:

  • South Gippsland Specialists
  • Safeguard Your Furniture
  • Save Money
  • All Boxed Up
  • Pulling Apart Large Items
  • Short and Long-Term Storage
  • Alarmed Storage
  • Airbag Suspension Technology
  • Supporting the Community

We wish to congratulate your team on a superb service in moving us from Phillip Island to Coalfields Wonthaggi. Nothing was a problem to your men and carried out their work extremely efficiently. They even took the time to reconnect fridges and washing machine etc. We would recommend your company to anyone in the future.

Ron & Gwen

South Gippsland Specialists
From Wilson’s Promontory to the Strzelecki ranges, our removalists will relocate your belongings swiftly and without harm. As your local Leongatha removalists we know the ideal way to get in and around the mountain to transport your belongings.

Safeguard Your Furniture
Travelling in the hills carries a greater danger of your property moving around during transit. We minimise the risk by gently wrapping everything for you and loading them with soft felt padding. We call this our “Handle Once” method, to shield your precious items from harm.

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Save Money
Our solutions can be tailored to your cost and time constraints. We will make every effort to ensure that our relocation is not only professional but also thrifty.

All Boxed Up
It’s important to secure everything in the right box first. We have a variety of high standard packing boxes and they’re reasonably priced. Regardless of whether your shifting statues or toasters, we can assist you in finding the right place to put it away.

Pulling Apart Large Items
To ensure everything is transported without harm, it may be best to pull part some of the bigger items, like the kid’s trampoline. We can of course help you do this and pack it away securely.

Short and Long-Term Storage
Our container storage systems are the perfect place to store some or all of your things. We have reasonably priced containers in various sizes from 15 to 37 cubic metres. There will certainly be one that fits everything you need to store away.

Alarmed Storage
We keep your storage containers protected inside our huge warehouse in Wonthaggi with both alarms and frequent patrols.

Airbag Suspension Technology
Only the best for your property, we secure everything with airbag suspension so that nothing shifts around the truck as we relocate you.

Supporting Community
We are a part of your local community, getting involved regularly in school activities, charities and sporting functions. You can even find some of our team playing at Leongatha Golf Club on a Sunday morning!

About Wonthaggi Removals & Storage
Owned and operated in Gippsland we have been regional specialists for over three decades. Our professional team will make your relocation hassle free and effective.

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Removals FAQs

Q: Can I move all my belongings in one day?

In most cases you can. It all depends on how much you have & how far you go. Our friendly staff will be able to advise you after they have a list of things you have to be relocated.

Q: How much does it cost?

Wonthaggi Removals & Storage charge by the hour. We are happy to give you an estimate once we have all the details of your move.